Beverly Stoehr Originals

Follow Your Dreams

Our Story 

Beverly Stoehr Originals is a doll company based in Elma, NY. Our owner and doll artist, Beverly Stoehr, is a proud member of the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC).

Before she decided to pursue a career as a doll sculptor and designer, Beverly was busy as a ceramic business owner. She is also a full-time mom to a special needs child. 

Her situation made it difficult for her to work outside of the home. Because of this, she considers it a great blessing that she discovered a path where she can look after her child, earn a living, and practice her passion.

Discovering Her Passion 

Beverly first discovered her knack for sculpting when she attended a sculpting class in Oregon. Training under the instruction of Theo Menzbach from the Hummel Factory, Beverly learned that she had the eye and the skills for sculpting. From the minute she touched the clay, she knew that this was what she wanted to do.

Following her Dream 

As soon as she got back home from the sculpting class, Beverly sold her ceramic business. She then decided to pursue her passion for sculpting by building a doll business where she can practice her craft and share her knowledge with others. With the encouragement of her husband, Beverly followed her dream.

To hone her skills, she studied for five years under Theo Menzbach and trained under several major sculptors from Europe. She continued to mentor other artists and even trained many of the top names in the doll industry, including well-known artist and seller Marie Osmond.

Having been rewarded the opportunity to follow her dream, Beverly encourages others to follow theirs. During her appearances throughout the USA and on HSE in Europe, she continues to inspire others of her story. She has made it her mission to empower other people to do as she did—to follow their dreams at all costs and never look back.

Distinctions and Accomplishments 

Beverly has worked with all major doll companies throughout the USA and Europe. Her creations have appeared in Harrah’s in England, Walt Disney World, as well as in QVC and Home Shopping Network in Europe. She has also been featured in several doll magazines internationally.

Beverly has been given the honor to be the Chairperson for the Artist Showcase at the UFDC National Convention, which will be held in Washington, DC this year. She will also be present in several other doll shows and events across the country,

Throughout the years, Beverly has garnered many awards in the doll industry, with about 70 awards to her name. Out of all these, however, there is no greater award for her than the lifelong friendships she has made with fellow artists and collectors around the world.

Testimonials from Our Doll Collectors 

“Beverly Stoehr is truly one of the best sculptors in the doll industry! I love the quality of her work and have been a collector of her dolls for many years. I have many of her OOAK's including Disney and others. I also have many of her dolls that she sculpted for Marie Osmond and other doll companies.

Personally, Beverly is the best! She frequently makes herself available to her collectors at doll shows. It has been a pleasure to meet her and talk with her for many hours at many shows. She has become a friend, almost like a neighbor. Everyone I have spoken to that has met her feels the same.

When you purchase one of her dolls, Beverly is always happy to sign them for you. Owning one or more of her dolls is certain to give you much pleasure for years to come!”

–Linda Wisser

“Beverly and I have been friends for many years. I collect Marie Osmond dolls and own every doll Beverly ever sculpted for her. I met her originally going to Marie Osmond QVC live audience shows, bringing her dolls for Marie and Beverly to sign. Our friendship has grown and I have been very fortunate to acquire a few of Beverly's one of a kind named for me. Always love how surprised she is that we would want her autograph on her dolls. She does beautiful work from start to finish. I am proud to own her work and prouder to call her my friend!”

–Judy Cramer Merritt

“A Real Lady. When I first met Beverly at IDEX(Orlando) in mid-2000’s, I had no idea who she really was – as a teacher, artist, or TV personality. As I reviewed all of the artists and their work, I kept coming back to Beverly’s booth. Beverly Stoehr had created this very large toddler, one of a kind, with her own doll in a box. It soon became clear that I had to have that doll. Since then, I have purchased MANY Beverly Stoehr creations. She creates her dolls with fine precision and detail. Once you own one, you never stop loving her dolls. Beverly is very easy to love. I attended one of her workshops for a week in Lakeland, Florida. Being with her for a week, watching her work, and watching her teach with tremendous patience made me love her more. She is one of the kindest souls you will ever meet. (We love her hubby Roger too). We have done further business that required a contract. While negotiating back and forth, I found her to be fair, honest, and very sincere. I am proud to call her my friend.”

–Nancy Rossi-Capers, Naples, FL

“It always amazes me how Beverly is able to capture the sweetness and innocence of childhood in her dolls. Each one of her dolls will truly touch your heart. Beverly’s doll-making expertise, kindness, and giving spirit continue to be an inspiration for many artist and collectors alike.”

–Joy Calhoon

“The first artist I ever met was Beverly. I bought a doll from her and went to her house to pick it up. She and her husband welcomed us and we became good friends.

I have many of Beverly's dolls and love them all. Her creativity and passion show through on each and every doll she sculpts. If you do not have at least one or two of Beverly's dolls, your collection is not complete.  From babies to BJDs, her dolls are amazing!”


“Beverly Stoehr sculpts with her heart and her hands are the middleman! The kindness, grace, serenity, and innocent beauty you see in each of her sculpts is but a mirrored reflection of what Beverly is inside. It has been my great privilege to collaborate with Beverly on many occasions in my position of Creative Brand Director and V.P. of Marie Osmond Dolls. Love you, Beverly!”

–Lisa Hatch