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My Humble Beginnings

Beverly Stoehr Originals is a labor of love and the result of transforming my simple passion into a full-scale business.

About Me

I established Beverly Stoehr Originals as a doll company based in Elma, New York. I am a proud member of the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) and a membership committee member. It is an honor to be asked to be part of great and wonderful events and be selected for this exclusive. I have worked, designed, and sculpted for all the major doll companies in the US and England.

Before I decided to pursue a career as a doll sculptor and designer, I was busy working as a ceramic business owner. I am also a full-time mom to a child with special needs, and his name is Rogie. His situation made it difficult for me to work outside of the home. Because of this, I consider it a great blessing that I discovered a path where I can look after my child, earn a living, and pursue my passion.

I have appeared on GVC, HSN-USA, and HSN Germany. I have also appeared at Walt Disney World for exclusive events. I have done special editions and auction pieces. The most outstanding editions were Rosie and Raggles and Mickey and Minnie.

I have been in many signings with Marie Osmond and Lisa Hatch. I have served as a VP for their lines, my doll line, and others that I have designed and sculpted.

Coming this Fall, I will be conducting classes online. IF YOU are interested and would like to attend to take part in making your Dreams and PASSIONS come true, please contact me via email or touch base.


About the UFDC

The UFDC brings together like-minded people who share a genuine passion for dolls and doll collecting. Members are subscribed to a wonderful magazine and attend a national convention. Personally speaking, I have been going to this convention for more than 30 years and have made so many wonderful and life-long friendships in the process.


I first discovered my knack for sculpting when I attended a sculpting class in Oregon. Training under the instruction of Theo Menzbach from the Hummel Factory, I learned that I had the eye and the skills for sculpting. From the minute I touched the clay, I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

As soon as I got back home from the sculpting class, I sold my ceramic business. I then decided to pursue my passion for sculpting by building a doll business where I can practice my craft and share my knowledge with others. With the encouragement of my husband, I followed my dream.

To hone my skills, I studied for 5 years under Theo Menzbach and trained under several major sculptors from Europe. I continued to mentor other artists and even trained many of the top names in the doll industry, including well-known artist and seller Marie Osmond along with the amazing Ping Lau. (I AM VERY PROUD OF BOTH OF THEM!)

Having been rewarded with the opportunity to follow my dream, I encourage others to follow theirs. During my appearances throughout the USA and on HSE in Europe, I continue to inspire others with my story. I have made it my mission to empower other people to do as I did: follow their dreams at all costs and never look back.


Industry Choice and People’s Choice for Collectable Baby Doll for Dolls Magazine

Over the years, I have won more than 70 awards. In this year’s bidding, I won the Princess Diana doll as a toddler in Collectable Babies. It was an honor for me as I took the Industry Choice and Public Choice Awards. I was up against major companies from all over the world. This was an accomplishment!

Mission Statement

My goal is to encourage and actively help doll artists to follow their dreams and reach for their goals.

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