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About My Creations

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Customer Testimonials

To have an idea of the quality of my limited edition dolls and doll clothes, please read the following testimonials I have received from customers nationwide. For more details, get in touch with me at Beverly Stoehr Originals today!

“Beverly Stoehr is truly one of the best sculptors in the doll industry! I love the quality of her work and have been a collector of her dolls for many years. I have many of her OOAKs including Disney and others. I also have many of her dolls that she sculpted for Marie Osmond and other doll companies. Personally, Beverly is the best! She frequently makes herself available to her collectors at doll shows. It has been a pleasure to meet her and talk with her for many hours at many shows. She has become a friend, almost like a neighbor. Everyone I have spoken to that has met her feels the same. When you purchase one of her dolls, Beverly is always happy to sign them for you. Owning one or more of her dolls is certain to give you much pleasure for years to come!”

– Linda Wisser

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